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Bexhill-on-sea is a seaside town in the county of East Sussex, in the South East of England.

It is an ancient town, home to the famous De La Waar Pavilion, a triumph of modernist architecture and a centre for contemporary art.


The first reference to Bexhill is in a charter granted by King Offa or Mercia in the 8th century.

During the Norman Conquest of 1066 the manor was given as a reward to Robert, Count of Eu. His grandson later gave the manor to the Bishops of Chichester in 1148.

Queen Elizabeth I took possession in 1561, and three years later she gave it to Sir Robert Sackville, Earl of Dorset. The Sackville’s retained ownership until the 19th century. The manor was inherited by Elizabeth Sackville and her husband the 5th Earl De La Waar in 1865, when the line of the Dukes of Dorset died out.

However it was the 7th Earl De La Waar who decided to transform the small rural village of Bexhill into an exclusive seaside resort. He contracted the builder, John Webb, who laid out De La Waar Parade and also built the first sea wall.

The luxurious Sackville Hotel was opened in 1890 and other amenities followed to promote the new resort, such as the Kursaal, “A pavilion for refined entertainment and relaxation,” and a bicycle track and chalet.

The railway came to Bexhill-on Sea in 1846, but in 1902 the more central modern station was built. In the same year the town hosted the first motor race in the United Kingdom.

The De La Waar Pavilion, perhaps Bexhill-on Sea’s most important landmark today was built in 1935.

hypnotherapy bexhill, counselling bexhill, coaching bexhill, hypnotherapy bexhill-on-sea, counselling bexhill-on-sea, coaching bexhill-on-sea, ukHypnotherapy Services for Bexhill-on Sea

Anyone wishing to take advantage of the hypnotherapy services I offer do not have far to travel.

The total journey time by car from Bexhill-on-Sea to Fairlight is usually only about 30 minutes, and by public transport less than one hour.

It is possible to travel either along the A259 through St Leonard’s and Hastings, then taking the Fairlight Road at Ore.

Alternatively the A2690 out of Bexhill, then along the B2093 (The Ridge) meeting up with the Fairlight Road at Ore.

Trains run between Bexhill-on-Sea and Hastings once an hour and the 2 stop train journey takes about 10 minutes. The 101 bus or taxi to Fairlight will take about 20 minutes.

If you would like to visit me at Fairlight for some hypnotherapy, or to join a meditation class please contact me, or request a call back.