Last month saw the final session of another Meditation Basics course (five weeks).
As usual there were some surprises –
Some buried memories came to the surface; repressed emotions were re-connected with; there were a few tears shed; someone gave themselves permission to have more ‘Me Time;’ and someone admitted to being able to feel proud of themselves at last.
In short a goodtime was had by all!


I am often asked “What’s it like?”
What is hypnosis like.
What is meditation like?
What’s it like to work with you?
Although not everyone’s experiences are the same I recently worked with D.T. Although she was happy for me to use her full name old habits die hard and I feel it is important to maintain confidentiality. However D. wanted to write a piece about her own personal journey and I am privileged to include it here – GOING FOR GOLD


The online meditation course at the end of last year was a big success. Many people unable to travel to Fairlight on a Tuesday morning were able to benefit from this opportunity for distance learning.

If enough people are interested I anticipate the next online meditation course should take place this summer, and should commence around June.

If you are interested in learning and practising meditation please contact me as soon as possible to reserve your place.

For more information click here.


All always tell people that the basis for all my work is NLP. I believe it is one of the most effective psychological models for change available today.

However NLP is not only extensive but is used in many different contexts. Originally created as a more effective working model for therapists NLP has broken out and is used in many different areas of life.

NLP is an effective therapeutic model

NLP is a good coaching model

NLP is a brilliant personal development model and tool

NLP has been highly controversial at times and has received a great deal of press, both good and bad, however I personally cannot think of a single context or situation where NLP principles or techniques have not been useful.

To give some insight and more information about NLP I am writing a series of posts, beginning with –