bee phobia, asp phobia, flying insect phobia, fear of bess, fear of wasps, scarePhobia of Bees & Wasps

Fear of bees and wasps  and other flying insects is a fairly common phobia.

Wasp and bee stings can be painful, yet they are not usually life threatening for most people. Although in a few rare cases of anaphylaxis there can be an extreme physical reaction.

This type of phobia can create extreme behavioural reactions in some people when a bee or wasp is buzzing about in their vicinity. The antics of someone trying to avoid a small insect can be quite comical, but their fear is very real nevertheless. The fear of bees and wasps and other flying insects can have a marked impact on a sufferers life. The Summer months can be especially difficult when flying insects are active and prevalent. The symptoms can range from mild to acute fear, or in extreme cases all out panic attacks.

These phobias often originate in childhood. Sufferers are often particularly frightened of insects becoming caught in their hair. Sometimes they have been stung as a child, sometimes they have ‘inherited’ their fear from a parent or another adult role model.

According to NHS Choices: “One part of the CBT treatment process that’s often used to treat simple phobias involves gradual exposure to your fear, so you feel less anxious about it. This is known as desensitisation or exposure therapy.

For example, if you have a fear of snakes, your therapist may start by asking you to read about snakes. They may later show you a picture of a snake. They may then arrange for you to visit the reptile house of your local zoo to look at some real snakes. The final step would be for you to hold a snake.”

This is absolutely true, but who has the time? More to the point, most people do not want to get up close and personal with the object of their fear!

Hypnotherapy uses desensitisation/exposure therapy, except the process takes place while in a deeply relaxed trance state, using the power of your own imagination.

In other words you never actually have to physically interact with the object of your fear.

Treating phobias using hypnotherapy is usually fast and effective, and within a few hours you too could be enjoying panic free picnics!

If you have a fear of bees, wasps, flying insects or suffer from any kind of phobia please contact me or request a call back.