fear of driving, driving phobia, panic attacks, anxiety, nerves, nervous, panic, stress, stressfulFear of Driving

or Driving Phobia

Driving is a common activity for most of us these days.

Whether you drive to and from work, are a taxi for the kids, drive to the shop,; enjoy driving for pleasure or simply from A to B driving has now become for most of us an unavoidable part of modern life.

However for many people the idea of driving for pleasure may not even be a consideration as roads get busier and traffic gets heavier. I have worked with many people who have concerns about driving, anxious about driving in general or some specific part of the process. Some people may feel they lack confidence behind the wheel, whilst others can suffer from a definite phobia.

Driving Phobia

Driving phobia is an excessive and irrational fear of driving. The sufferer may experience anxiety, avoidance and even full blown panic attacks. They will often feel out of control and may even be out of control on occasions. Although they may recognise the fear is irrational and unreasonable they feel powerless to stop it, along with the other distressing symptoms and feelings associated with this fear.

Someone with a driving phobia may avoid driving in general or may have a fear linked to a specific route or stretch of road. Fear of driving can become a chronic (long time) problem as it takes over aspects of one’s life. Driving phobia can have a significant effect on day to day life, interfering with common tasks and routines and have a negative impact on work and career, social activities and even relationships.

Most people with driving phobias are good and competent drivers. Driving phobia is like breaking down or getting a puncture: it can happen at any time to anyone, regardless of how good a driver you are. However just like a puncture it can be fixed!

I have helped many people control their irrational fears of driving and a variety of other phobias as well.

Hypnotherapy cure for driving phobia

Most people suffering from a driving phobia are average and normal, well-balanced people except when it comes to driving. Driving may not have been a problem for them in the past but now they experience feelings of anxiety and panic either whenever they think about driving or when they get behind the wheel. Like all phobias fear of driving can produce distressing symptoms. Some people may have developed their fear of driving as a result of trauma, an accident perhaps, although this is generally not the case. Other people report that their phobia just seemed to “creep up” on them. Some people notice they began feeling anxious when driving on a motorway whilst others began experiencing feelings of being “hemmed in” by other cars in heavy traffic.

No matter how bad your fear of driving is and regardless of the cause – a combination of NLP and hypnosis can help.

It doesn’t matter how long you have had a driving phobia. Phobias can be quick to undo regardless of how long you have had them.

Regardless of whether you experience feelings of mild anxiety or full blown panic attacks – I can help you release anxiety, deal with the issues that are creating fear and tension, and teach you to stop a panic attack in it’s tracks. Hypnosis is a fast and effective way to take control of fears and anxiety and to deal with any phobia and the resulting panic that may occur.

Why continue to suffer? Don’t delay, contact me today.

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