Relationship Counselling

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Relationship counselling to help you both.

Relationship counselling can help revive a flagging marriage or partnership.

Even the best relationships may hit problems along the way.

Sometimes a couple new to relationships do not realise what it takes to make a lasting commitment over time.

Couples in long term relationships often discover at some point that they need to make a little extra effort if their relationship is to survive.

If you and your partner or spouse are experiencing problems you just don’t seem able to resolve on your own, it may be time to consider some relationship counselling.

You may be in a new or a long term relationship and find you are experiencing difficulties as a couple:

• Perhaps arguments and disagreement are more common than meaningful conversation?
• Perhaps you don’t seem to be on the same wavelength – not connecting in the same way or communicating as clearly?
• Perhaps your relationship has been put under strain and you are experiencing problems trusting your partner? This may be as a result of finding out they have been having an affair.
• Perhaps an addiction or some destructive behaviour has become apparent, and you don’t know what to do for the best?
• Perhaps you feel you are growing apart and no longer share the same beliefs about what is important in your shared life and relationship?
• Perhaps one or both of you feel the romance or the passion has died to the extent that sometimes it is hard to know what still keeps you together?

Infidelity can deal a bitter blow to any relationship, though poor communication and differing values and expectations can prove equally fatal.

Whatever problems you are facing together you might not want to call it a day, and might still be interested enough to want to work through your problems.

Although I may sometimes agree to see one partner separately, it is usually best if both partners attend to jointly work on issues that are affecting them both.  In a mutually supportive environment it is possible to work on problems and issues experienced by one or both. Partners helping and supporting each other through the process can contribute significantly to strengthening their bond.

If a relationship has stalled or is failing, relationship counselling could be your last and best hope – before you end up hating each other you could give me a call ….

For more information about couples counselling please contact me.

I work with clients from all sexual orientations.