Hypnotherapy, coaching, counselling

online using Skype

Online using Skype.

It is possible book an appointment and work with me from anywhere in the world using Skype!

As it is currently not possible to visit in person Skype offers an excellent alternative –  Please be aware all sessions will only be available via Skype for the foreseeable future.

Hypnotherapy, life management counselling, and coaching are all possible from the comfort of your own home, or the convenience of your office. You will always receive a personalised service individually tailored to suit you and your needs.

From time to time people express concerns about using hypnosis from a distance “What if you can’t bring me out of trance?” I have been working online with clients for many years now. It is not only an effective way of working but also completely safe. There is never a problem bringing people out of trance, and there is also the added benefit for you of not having to travel.

You can work with me from the privacy of your own home! Confidential, safe, secure.

All you need is a Skype account. Click here.

I offer everyone a free trial session of hypnosis, online included, to experience just what it’s like.

Hypnosis is not only pleasant, comfortable and enjoyable, but also an effective way to make changes to your life.

Don’t take my word for it, contact me now and book your first appointment today.