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classes, groups, workshops, meditation, self-hypnosis, hypnosis, relaxation, de-stress

I run workshops and classes both online and at Oak Lodge.

I am always happy to speak to groups, clubs and associations about hypnotherapy and hypnosis. If you would like me to come to your group please get in touch.

If you have a few like minded friends and would like to put together a relaxation class, a self-hypnosis or study group, or a weight loss support group then please let me know.

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Would you like to learn meditation and simple, easy to use techniques to help you relax and de-stress?

Using  mental focus and relaxation techniques you could –

  • Reduce anxiety and worry less
  • Manage hypertension and lower blood pressure
  • End insomnia and enjoy better, more refreshing sleep
  • Manage pain without the need for so many drugs
  • Feel calm, relaxed and happy more of the time
  • Focus and concentrate more easily

A weekly group meeting exploring meditation and mindfulness techniques, relaxation exercises, self-hypnosis and ways to focus the mind.

VENUE:  Oak Lodge, 24 Rockmead Road, Fairlight TN35 4DJ
DATE:     Weekly, every Tuesday morning at 10.30 – 12.30am.
COST:     £25 per session paid monthly in advance. 

Free initial trial session by arrangement.

For more information please give me a call or use the call back button.

meditation, relaxation, unwind, de-stress, stress, pressure, anxiety, balanceONLINE MEDITATION COURSE

My online meditation course is spread over 6 weeks to give you the opportunity to learn some of the basics of meditation.

You will explore different techniques and styles of meditation, and be encouraged to try out different ways of meditating and to find out for yourself what suits you best.

I teach what I describe as ‘casual meditation’ because I believe no one way is better than another – It is up to the individual to discover what is the best way for them.

One of the main types of meditation we will explore during this course is mindfulness.

Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular and so many people ask about it and want to try it.

You will test drive several different meditations and meditation styles, plus you will practise a core mindfulness meditation each week that will grow into a full 35 minute guided meditation.

In the unlikely event that you find mindfulness meditation is not for you there are many others to choose from!

During this course you will learn about –

  • the basics of meditation
  • what meditation, self-hypnosis and hypnosis all have in common
  • the meaning of trance
  • the importance of mental focus
  • the practise of mental focus
  • better breathing
  • how to relax deeply and completely and to let go of stress and tension
  • how to fall asleep more easily
  • how to manage pain and physical discomfort
  • how meditation can increase health and well-being
  • how best to use the free downloads and guided visualisations

You will receive an information pack to support each weeks module with extra notes, information, and the mindfulness guided meditation audio.

The course will be on consecutive Sunday mornings at 10am.

The price for the complete 6 week course is £100.00. Book your place now to take advantage of the special early bird price of £75.00.

The next Online Meditation Course will be early next year, dates to be advised.

(Once you have completed this course you can continue to attend my online meditation classes at just £12.50 per session).