Exam Nerves & Stress

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Help for Exam Nerves & Stress

Exams and tests can be a challenging part of school life for children, teenagers and their families.

Stress over exams and school work generally can be a problem from time to time and may even turn into a recurring cycle of worry and ongoing anxiety for some children and teenagers.

Whereas a little pressure can be a motivator and may help push a child to do better, work hard and succeed, too much can be debilitating and have an adverse effect on performance, health and well-being.

When things are not going well in a child’s life they may sometimes feel unhappy, stressed or even depressed. They may feel sick, complain of headaches or stomach aches, particularly around exam time. They may find it hard to get up and get ready for school. The child may feel overwhelmed and out of control, marks may drop and they may feel less motivated to do homework.

These emotions may be more prevalent at school, yet fade away when you child gets home. Perhaps leading the parent to believe they are just being lazy.

For some young people the situation may escalate until they are unwilling or unable to go into school. Sometimes they may refuse to attend entirely.

In extreme cases, they may play truant without their parents knowing or exhibit behavioural problems such as lying, stealing or being aggressive.

Of course exam nerves and stressing over upcoming tests is not the exclusive domain of young people. In adult life we also have hoops to jump through and hurdles to cross. Some people choose to go back to university as mature students, and then there is the dreaded driving test to get through…

Whether the cause is exams, concern or worry about school work, or possibly bullying, stress can be a very real problem even for children and young people. If problems at school age are not attended to there is a very real possibility of emotional and behavioural problems resulting well into adult life.

If your child is suffering from exam nerves, or is stressed or depressed then do get in touch as soon as possible.