Bed Wetting 

wetting the bed

Hypnosis to Help a Child Stop Bed Wetting

Bed wetting (anuresis) is common in childhood but can be very distressing for children and their families.

Wetting the bed may also continue into teenage years.

Boys are more likely than girls to wet the bed, and this may continue up to the age of 12; but in the 12 to 16 year old age range there are proportionately more girls who wet the bed. As children get older they are more likely to become dry at night.

When children are potty trained they learn to recognise the sensation of a full bladder and develop the ability to hold themselves. In most children day time control is achieved by age 3, but night time control takes a little longer. Girls often achieve this earlier than boys. However the age that children become toilet trained in the day, and at which they become dry at night varies considerably.

It is quite normal for 4 year olds to be wetting the bed, and for some children occasional accidents may occur for several years later than this. It is not the child’s fault, nor are they being lazy.

Parents may delay seeking help due to feelings of shame or embarrassment, or because they believe they must wait for the child to grow out of it. However professional help may be a good idea, especially if your child is regularly wetting the bed after age 7. Do also bear in mind that there may be other physical causes such as constipation, small bladder size, an overactive bladder, a hormone deficiency or urinary infection so a trip to the GP is often the first place to visit when seeking help.

Hypnosis can be very effective helping with bed wetting and also any related or causal stress and anxiety.

If you child needs help to stop bedwetting and you have ruled out the common physical causes then it may be time to give me a call.
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