hypnotherapy West Sussex using Skype, counselling West Sussex using Skype, coaching West Sussex using Skype

You may have found this page because you are looking for a hypnotherapist in West Sussex.

You may be looking for help with a problem such as anxiety, confidence, depression, insomnia, phobia, smoking, stress or weight loss.

You may have a relationship or sexual problem, or something else entirely.

Whatever it is you need I have been using hypnotherapy for over 20 years and can probably help.

 Travel from West Sussex

There are good connections between West Sussex and my practice in Fairlight, near Hastings. For example Chichester, the main town in West Sussex, is about 70 miles from Fairlight and the driving time is a little over 2 hours, via the A27. Alternatively travel by public transport may only take about 30 minutes longer depending on train options. The drive time from Crawley is 1 hour 45 minutes; from Horsham is 1 hour 45 minutes; and 1 hour 35 minutes from Worthing.

Although some people chose to travel from West Sussex the convenient option is working online using Skype.

Hypnotherapy using Skype

More than 50% of clients now consult with me using this easy option. Working using Skype is safe, comfortable and secure and many people prefer to work from the privacy of their own home.

Working from a distance is possible using Skype and is an easier hypnotherapy option for people living in West Sussex.

The complete range of hypnotherapy services are available using Skype, and you will quickly realise that hypnotherapy using Skype is as effective as attending in person.

hypnotherapy West Sussex using Skype, counselling West Sussex using Skype, coaching West Sussex using Skype

West Sussex has some beautiful countryside, over half the county is designated protected countryside. West Sussex is officially the sunniest county in the UK. According to the Met Office West Sussex has enjoyed an average of 1900 hours of sunshine per year over the last 29 years!

Hypnotherapy Services for West Sussex

I provide a complete range of services for clients from West Sussex. As well as hypnotherapy I also provide life management counselling, life coaching, business and corporate coaching, careers counselling and couples counselling.

The Way I Work

Although I do use other techniques I specialise in hypnotherapy. This is because with the use and practice of hypnotherapy there is always the added benefit of deep relaxation. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are pleasant experiences that everyone enjoys. They are obvious choices when addressing anxiety issues, fears and phobias and debilitating conditions such as insomnia. I have found hypnotherapy to be fast, effective and very pleasant.

Please contact me if you would like more information or to book an appointment.