hypnotherapy surrey, counselling surrey, coaching surreySurrey is situated in the South East of England.

Surrey is one of the home counties. It shares borders with London to the north east; Berkshire to the north west; Hampshire to the west; West Sussex to the south; East Sussex to the south east and Kent to the east.

Due to it’s proximity to East Sussex I have many clients coming to see me from all over Surrey.

Surrey is the most densely populated county in the South East of England.

Surrey is noted for being a particularly wealthy county. Close to London it is a desirable place to live. It has many charming villages, picturesque countryside, and an abundance of desirable properties. Gatwick and Heathrow airports are both nearby.

Much of Surrey is within easy driving distance of Fairlight.

hypnotherapy surrey, counselling surrey, coaching surrey

Hypnotherapy Services for Surrey

Surrey borders East Sussex so much of the county is within easy driving reach of Fairlight. For this reason I have many hypnotherapy clients who travel from Surrey to visit me in person. As well as the wide range of services offered and issues covered by hypnotherapy, I also offer life management counselling and life coaching.

There is a higher proportion of traders, stockbrokers and hedge fund managers, directors and chief executives of large multi national companies living in this county too. Consequently I have many clients who require business and corporate coaching. However hypnotherapy is still a core skill and can be used in many different contexts. Hypnotherapy is a very relaxing process and the experience is a pleasant one; for this reason hypnosis and hypnotherapy are both highly suitable for the management of stress, and the treatment of stress related symptoms and conditions.

I have been specialising in hypnotherapy for many years now and when I worked with traders and hedge fund managers in the City hypnosis was a much used technique.

Because Surrey is close to East Sussex and Fairlight many people do choose to visit me in person. But I am also available to make ‘house calls’ by arrangement, although this can be an expensive options.

If you would like me to visit you at home for some hypnotherapy sessions please get in touch.

Of course the other less expensive option is to work online using Skype. This is an increasingly popular option requiring no travel. I probably now spend more than half my client hours using hypnotherapy online. Since many of my clients have high powered jobs that involve a lot of travelling this option also means they can stay in touch and experience the benefits of hypnosis, hypnotherapy or coaching long distance without any breaks or interruptions to their schedule.

And before you ask, NO, hypnosis is not dangerous if we are not in the same room together, and YES, hypnotherapy is just as effective long distance!

For more information or to book an appointment please contact me.