Brighton is a seaside resort in East Sussex in the South of England.

The town was developed during the Georgian era largely due to the patronage of the Prince Regent, later to become King George IV, who spent a great deal of time in the town and built the famous Brighton Pavilion.

It continued to develop as a popular tourist destination following the arrival of the railway in 1841.

Many of the other major attractions were built during the Victorian era. These includes the Brighton Palace Pier, the West Pier, and the Grand Hotel.

The town continued growing into the 20th century, incorporating more areas within it’s boundaries including the town of Hove.

It is still a popular destination for tourists, and is well known for it’s diverse mix of people, quirky shopping areas, culture, music and art. It has a large and well established LGBT community. Also known as ‘London-by-the-Sea, Brighton is unofficially recognised as the gay capital of the UK.


Brighton is only a 50 minute train ride from London, and just 30 minutes from Gatwick Airport and 2 hours from Hastings.brighton hypnotherapy, brighton counselling, brighton coaching

Hypnotherapy Services

A full range of hypnotherapy services are available for people living in Brighton (click here for available hypnotherapy services).

Hypnotherapy clients may either  visit me here at Oak Lodge, Fairlight or work online using Skype. I will occasionally make house calls to people requiring hypnotherapy if there ability to travel is restricted.

Hypnotherapy is fast and effective. Hypnotherapy is safe even online. Hypnotherapy is pleasant and relaxing.

Brighton to Fairlight

Just 43 miles from Fairlight driving by car is simple and straightforward. First by the A23 , then taking the A270 and on to the A27. The last leg of the journey is along the Fairlight Road from Ore. Journey time is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.

Public transport is equally easy by train via Eastbourne to Ore, then by 101 bus. Total journey time is just over 2 hours.

If you would like to discuss a problem or make an appointment to see me please get in touch.