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The De La Waar Pavilion, Bexhill-on-sea

Looking for a hypnotherapist?

If you have found this page you are probably looking for hypnotherapy in Bexhill. I regularly see people from Bexhill and the surrounding area at my home practice in Fairlight. Although I use several different approaches to therapy, coaching and counselling I specialise in hypnosis. Please search this site for more information.

Coaching, counselling and therapy

I offer a variety of different services and I am familiar with most issues and problems. Some of the most common problems I work with include anxiety and phobias – depression – confidence and self-esteem – sexual and relationship problems – stress and pain management.

Although less people choose to smoke these days giving up cigarettes can be difficult and is still a problem for many people, as is losing weight.

hypnotherapy bexhill, counselling bexhill, coaching bexhill, hypnotherapy bexhill-on-sea, counselling bexhill-on-sea, coaching bexhill-on-sea, ukHypnotherapy Services for Bexhill-on Sea

Anyone wishing to take advantage of the hypnotherapy services I offer do not have far to travel as I am less than 12 miles away.

The total journey time by car from Bexhill-on-Sea to Fairlight is usually only about 30 minutes, and by public transport less than one hour.

It is possible to travel either along the A259 through St Leonard’s and Hastings, then taking the Fairlight Road at Ore.

Alternatively take the A2690, then go along the B2093 (The Ridge) meeting up with the Fairlight Road at Ore.

Trains run between Bexhill-on-Sea and Hastings once an hour and the two stop train journey takes about 10 minutes. The 101 bus or taxi to Fairlight will take about 20 minutes.

If you would like to visit me at Fairlight for some hypnotherapy, or to join a meditation class please contact me, or request a call back.

Alternatively you might simply like more information – contact me now.