Battle hypnotherapy, counselling, coachingBattle is a small town in East Sussex in the South of England.

It is situated 55 miles to the south-east of London, 32 miles east of Brighton and 24 miles east of Lewes.

Battle gets it’s name from the Battle of Hastings which was fought in 1066 between Harold, King of the Saxons and William, Duke of Normandy. After the battle and the defeat of the Saxon king William was known as William The Conqueror. The modern town of Hastings itself is about 6miles away to the south east.

The town of Battle grew up around the Abbey of St. Martin, built by William after his victory.

Today some fine Georgian buildings front onto the high street, as well as cottages and houses around the Abbey which also date from the 1700’s.

It is a popular tourist destination for people interested in English history.

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Hypnotherapy Services

A full range of hypnotherapy, coaching and counselling services are available: please click link here.

I am also available to talk to clubs and associations or other groups interested in hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy Optionshypnotherapy counselling coaching Battle, East Sussex

I do occasionally make house calls depending on availability (of course this is the most expensive option as travel time is included).

I work with many people, regardless of distance using Skype which is becoming increasingly popular.

Battle is only about 10 miles from Fairlight and is easily accessible either by car or public transport.

The most direct route by car is along the A2100, then the B2093 to Ore, then onto the Fairlight Road and down Battery Hill before turning Right into Fairlight Village.

Public transport can take as little as an hour by train to Hastings, then via the 101 bus to the Knowle Road stop in Fairlight.

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