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Hypnotherapy available in South East England

Do you have a problem you need to get sorted? A bad habit that needs changing perhaps? An addiction or a dependency on cigarettes, alcohol, recreational drugs or certain foods? Do you have difficulties managing your moods and emotions? Are you anxious, depressed or out of sorts a lot of the time? Do you need help getting over a fear or a phobia? Is there something else you need help with? Do you live in South East England? Perhaps hypnosis and hypnotherapy could be the answer?

Finding a therapist in South East England

You may be clear on what the problem is, but unsure how to overcome it – Hypnotherapy and hypnosis can probably help.

You might not know what is available or where to look – Although other therapies are available I cover most mental, emotional and behavioural problems. I use a wide range of techniques specialising in hypnosis and hypnotherapy and I am based in the South East.

You may feel shy or embarrassed talking about your problem. What you need is someone you can feel comfortable with; someone you can trust; someone with a detached point of view unlike a partner, family member or friend – You are welcome to talk to me in confidence at no charge before committing yourself, and I am within easy reach in South East England.

I cover the whole of the UK including South East England for an extensive range of hypnotherapy services

You may feel you need the services of a therapist, a counsellor or a coach  – I can fulfill any or all of those functions and help you resolve your issues. Hypnotherapy is my specialism.

The first thing you need to know is that I can probably help

I offer an individually tailored service based on your needs and I will do the best I can to help you deal with your problem. I have over 20 years experience and I have worked with scores of people with a similar problem to yours in the past. I offer rapid, effective results using several different methods and specialising in hypnotherapy. I offer a free initial conversation to help you decide I am the right person for you.

Hypnotherapy Help in South East England

I find that hypnotherapy is a fast and effective way to deal with most personal problems. Regardless of the problem hypnosis is always a pleasant, relaxing experience that helps people make changes at a deeper psychological level. Hypnotherapy is completely safe and has no side effects, unlike many prescribed drugs!

hypnotherapy services south east england

UK Wide Cover including South East England

I live and work in Fairlight, near Hastings in East Sussex but I cover the whole of the UK including the South East of England.

If you live in South East England you are probably no more than a couple of hours travel away. However if you are unable to come and see me personally I can come to you, or more easily we can work online using Skype.

Hypnotherapy services in South East England

My hypnotherapy, counselling and coaching services are available in the following counties in South East England: