Weight Loss

Hypnosis Can Help You Lose Weight

The formula to lose weight successfully is simple: eat less and consume less calories, exercise more and burn more calories.

Maintaining weight relies on an equally simple formula: only eat what you need for good health and to stay at your desired weight AND NO MORE!

So why do so many people, men and women alike, find it so difficult to maintain their desired weight and not increase it?
In some ways we are the victims of both success and excess. In the west most of us are lucky enough to have an excess of income, surplus to our basic requirements. Combine this with the variety and easy availability of food, healthy and otherwise, which allows us the possibility of eating too much… and we do!

However it is not as simple as that. We are also under pressure from advertising and the media to become consumers in so many different ways, food included. The availability and choice of fast food is enormous, and that is just what we become as we over indulge and eat too much. ENORMOUS! Furthermore many convenience foods, fast or otherwise, are packed full of fat, sugar and other high calorie ingredients that only add to the problem.

America is often cited as the best example of over consumption and obesity, however Britain is now reckoned to be the most obese country in Europe!

Increasingly many people struggling to lose weight have come to realise that diets don’t work! What is needed is an entirely different understanding and relationship with food. What is required is a different approach to eating entirely and a shift in mindset and lifestyle as well as eating habits. Changes need to be sustained over time and not just be the product of a quick fix fad diet.

Hypnosis can help change your relationship with food, improve motivation and beat cravings.

In the past you may have found sticking to a diet was impossible, or you may have achieved some success, only to find that once you had completed the diet you simply put the weight back on again. You may have achieved partial success only to find shifting those last few pounds to hit your target weight was proving impossible. Perhaps the worst thing of all was the idea of suffering or being deprived and ‘giving up’ foods you enjoyed.

Imagine what it would be like if you never consciously had to diet, ever again!

Many people find themselves limited by their own negative beliefs when it comes to losing weight. They may indulge in unhelpful self talk such as “I just don’t have the will power to diet,” or “I have never been good at sticking to a diet and losing weight,” or “It’s my metabolism, I have always been prone to putting on weight,” or “I am just big boned, what can I do?” Negativity and doubt, and especially the belief you are going to fail, rather than succeed, coupled with poor body image and low self-esteem can lead to a very destructive negative spiral of emotional eating. Negativity about yourself and the way you look makes you feel bad about yourself. In an effort to feel better and ‘cheer yourself up’ you compensate by eating. THEN you roll over into a downer, feeling guilty about the increased intake of forbidden food and so feel even worse about yourself because you have FAILED!

Emotional eating, combined with negative self-belief, low self-esteem and unhelpful self-talk can create a perpetual and ongoing cycle of failure.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is proven, safe and effective, and is becoming increasingly popular as part of a weight loss program. Famous names such as the Duchess of York, former spice girl Geri Halliwell, model Sophie Dahl, singer Lily Allen, and actor orlando Bloom are all reported as having used hypnosis to successfully lose weight.

A weight loss program using hypnosis could help you to increase motivation, take back control over your eating habits, change limiting beliefs and your relationship with food and the emotional responses to the things that you eat. You don’t need to overeat to feel better, you simply need to find better ways of feeling good about yourself and change habits, particularly emotional eating patterns.

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