depression, depressed, down, low, moody, despondent, sad, unhappy, negative, pessimistic, dejected, gloomy, despair, hopeless, desperation, downhearted, worry, miserable

Manage depression and enjoy your life


Depression is increasingly one of the most common mental health problems in the UK.

Depression affects one in five people at some point in their lives.

At its mildest being depressed can mean just feeling low. It may not stop us getting on with normal life but does seem to make everything harder to do and less worthwhile. At its most severe it can be life threatening. It can make people suicidal or simply lose the will to live.

In between are a variety of symptoms such as feeling sad and low or hopeless, tired, irritable and unable to make decisions. Problems sleeping i.e. too much, too little or broken sleep patterns. Increased or reduced sex drive. Increased use of alcohol, drugs or other substances in an attempt to feel better.

Depression may make it difficult to hold down a job, start or maintain relationships, or be happy and live life to the full.

Over time this condition may create a reduction in the functions of the immune system leading to poor health.

Sometimes there may be an obvious reason for feeling low or fed up. A relationship breakdown or a bereavement. Financial problems or losing a job. Even the birth of a child can lead to a depressed state. However the causes are not always clear. Either way, these feelings can become so bad that you need help.

Hypnotherapy, retraining habitual ways of seeing the world and mood management are all part of my systemic approach to dealing with depression.

If you feel you are suffering from depression, either as a single episode or as an ongoing situation, please call me.

Why continue to suffer?

If you suffer from depression you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment. Always inform your primary healthcare professional before starting any complementary or additional therapies or treatments.