Free Downloads

Here are some free audio meditation downloads you can use for self-hypnosis or meditation.

They are useful for practising trance and deep relaxation.

 You can listen now or download an MP3 file to keep and play on another device.

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This exercise is a talk through of the popular 3 Minute Focus exercise.

I have been teaching this self hypnosis/relaxation/meditation technique for more than 20 years. It is a great way to relax and re-focus the mind, particularly useful when you need to concentrate for a while.

Listening to this recording will take about 12 minutes, however, when you get good at it you can practise on your own and reduce the time it takes to about 5 minutes!

Click here for a written version.


Otherwise known as a PMR or Progressive Muscle Relaxation exercise this is a great way to completely relax the whole body.
When used regularly the Body Scan can be particularly helpful for stress management, hypertension and insomnia.

As you can see this technique takes just under 15 minutes to go through, but once you have learned this exercise you can travel more slowly around the body if you prefer and extend to 20-30 minutes.

There is a written version here.


The Inner Sanctuary is an exercise I use often to help my clients take some time out and go to a stress free, anxiety free and pain free place.
You may have a favourite place you like to go to and escape the cares of the world. The best thing is that once you have created an ‘inner’ sanctuary you can take it with you wherever you go, and return to it any time you choose to.
This download will help you with the process of creating your own Inner Sanctuary.

There is a written description here.


A longer and more complete relaxation download with reassuring messages of well being and optimism.

Drift away feeling calm and contented, safe and secure, positive and happy.

Get the Most From Your Hypnotherapy Downloads.

Hypnosis downloads are now available to buy from my online shop.


I have created a series of recordings in the download shop which you can use at your leisure.
They provide a powerful way to relax, make changes and feel good, and can help with a variety of symptoms and problems.

WARNING: Listening to these recordings will induce deep relaxation and trance. Do not use while driving or operating heavy machinery.