Do I Need to See a Therapist?

therapist, therapy, counsellor, counselling, psychotherapy, psychotherapist, hypnotherapy, hypnotherapistEveryone needs help at some time in their lives but for many reasons people will often put off seeking professional help and simply soldier on.

People often tell me they have been thinking about talking to a therrapist for some time. Sometimes several years in fact, but they felt too shy or embarrassed to take the first step.

Many people feel shy talking about personal issues, or embarrassed because they feel anxious or depressed, or struggle to manage their weight. They may have been living with a phobia or some other issue their whole lives. They may think too that the process of dealing with their problem will be uncomfortable, or too difficult to deal with.

All information and disclosures are held in the strictest confidence by your therapist.

I am always happy to offer a free consultation to those people who are anxious about taking the plunge. I feel it is important to trust and feel comfortable with your therapist so anyone is welcome to come and meet me before committing themselves.

Deciding to seek help and consult a therapist.

I recommend considering the following questions to help decide whether now is the time to seek professional help:

  • Do you find there is something or some things you can’t stop thinking about? A bereavement perhaps, or a broken relationship? Does obsessive thinking interfere with how you feel or your daily routine? Have you suffered a traumatic event?
  • Are you using a substance or substances in an attempt to make yourself feel better? Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, or food?
  • Do you feel disconnected from friends and family, or other people in general? Do you find it difficult to cope with social situations?
  • Do you feel stressed or anxious much of the time? Do you suffer from mood swings? Have you lost interest, particularly in those things you used to enjoy?
  • Have other people commented on your behaviour and suggested you need to change? Has someone else suggested you get help, counselling perhaps?
  • Do you find it hard to concentrate? Are you struggling at work or with your studies?

Although this is by no means a definitive list of questions you probably get the point.

Don’t put your future health, happiness and well-being at risk.

Get in touch today!