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Goal Setting – Hit the target every time!

Goal setting 2 – Three Steps to Success

Like any other process goal setting benefits from a little structure.

I recommend bearing in mind the acronym OAF, or      DON’T BE AN OAF! to remember the three distinct and separate phases of this structure to help you achieve a successful outcome every time.

1) O is for Outcome

Outcome is just another word for goal. I like this word as it seems to have less baggage attached to it for most people than the word goal.

So the first thing you always need to do is get clear on your goals and outcomes. That is what the O of the Oaf strategy reminds you to do.

You may have already done this by using the Balance Sheet exercise and being specific and detailed about what you want (goal), rather than what you do not want (problem).

If you have not already read about or completed phase 1 click on this line…

The A of OAF has two potential meanings, but I am going to suggest to you that the first – ACTION is always implicit in the process of achieving a goal.

After all if you take no action nothing will be the result!

2) A is for Attention

So once you have got clear on your outcome and taken action, you need to pay ATTENTION to the results of those actions

You need to pay attention to the results your actions are creating and ask yourself

A) are my actions achieving the result I want i.e. are they taking me closer to my goal, or

B) are my actions missing the mark and taking me further from my desired outcome?

If the result is A you are achieving your goal and moving closer to your objective then congratulations! Do more of it. However this is often not the case and it can take several attempts to successfully achieve a goal.

If the result is B then you need to stop doing what is not working and go to the next stage.

3) F is for Flexibility

One of the characteristics that successful people have in common is that they do not get bogged down with things that do not work. If they try something and it does not succeed they simply try something else. Staying FLEXIBLE in your approach and not getting bogged down in just one approach will enable you to generate lots of different ways of doing things. After all there is more than one way to bake a cake. Just ask Mary Berry!

“Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you are absolutely right…” – Henry Ford

Having a positive mental outlook and not feeling that you are failing simply because you have not found the right way yet are also inherently successful way of thinking. Making a mistake is not failure, you have simply discovered one of the ways not to do something.

I have worked with many successful people and a common belief amongst them seems to be “I am lucky, I can’t fail!”

Try that one on for size and see how it changes your outlook!

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