heart flame meditation, from the heart


This is a form of meditation that I like very much.

It seems to have all the right elements for a meditation and may be used with a variety of ends in mind.

Heart Meditation
The heart is a powerful symbol for both love and the life force.
The Heart Flame Meditation can be a very spiritual experience and may be used for a variety of uses:

  • It may be used to increase awareness of vital energy
  • It may be used as a focus for healing
  • It may be used to increase feelings of well-being
  • It may be used as a focus while meditating to increase feelings of love and compassion for others

By practising this meditation you open yourself to deeper levels of self awareness, and feelings of connection and closeness with your inner self, others, and possibly all other life outside yourself.

To begin the heart meditation bring your awareness to the centre of your chest.

If it helps to keep your attention on this centre, gently place your left hand over your heart. (Note: your heart is slightly to the left of the centre of your breast bone).

Be aware that this is the main focus of attention for this meditation.

Now begin to breathe gently and evenly. Take a few nice long, slow, deep breaths. Your breaths should be slightly longer, and deeper than usual, but without the need to force or strain.

Imagine your chest containing and protecting your heart, and your breath nourishing and feeding your heart with vital, life giving energy.

Picture your heart in the centre of your chest. Imagine it in any way that feels comfortable for you, it doesn’t have to be a realistic representation. It could be the standard symbol we use on Valentine’s Day cards or like the picture above.

Although you may not want to do this to start with, as you become better and more adept at this visualisation you can expand your awareness slightly at this stage. As you become aware of your pulse or heartbeat you can begin to synchronise your breath to the beats of your heart.

You could inhale to several heartbeats, the rhythm needs to be comfortable for you i.e. inhale to 4 heartbeats… 2,3,4… and exhale to 4 heartbeats… 2,3,4.

Over time, as you become increasingly aware of the influence of your heart, a gentle warmth, and a sense of openness and relaxation will begin to arise.

Here is a script for my favourite heart flame visualisation.

Heart Flame Visualisation
And as you settle your breathing into a gentle, comfortable rhythm, begin to picture your heart burning like a flame…

A flame that burns at your centre now, the heart flame.

And as you are aware of the heart flame, burning at your centre, you may notice it flickers, and is not always constantly bright…

As you breathe in and direct energy towards your heart flame you see it burns brighter…

With each life giving breath you take the heart flame burns brighter as vital energy is created and stored there…

And you may see the colour of the heart flame change as it stores vital energy, perhaps changing from a soft and gentle yellow, to a bright incandescent white, building by degrees, steadily bright and then brighter with each breath you take…

And as you create and store vital, life giving energy at the heart centre, you may choose to send that energy out and around the body to heal and regenerate, to energise and revitalise, to calm and relax. You may use this vital energy for whatever purpose you choose, for whatever use is required.

So see the flickering heart flame growing brighter now, with each and every breath you take…

See the colour changing to a bright and irresistible and brilliant white…

And as that light becomes almost too bright to look at, see the light radiating outwards from the heart centre, spreading like a slow and irresistible wave of light, soothing and relaxing wherever it goes…

See it spreading upwards along your spine and into your neck, across your shoulders, soothing and comforting any tired muscles. See it spreading up into your jaw, and your face, up and around the whole of your head. Your shoulders, your neck and your head, your face too now glowing with energy.

Soothing… comforting… life giving energy…

And that light spreads outwards from the heart centre, filling your body completely, across your shoulders and down your arms, all the way down to your hands and into your fingers, all the way down from your shoulders to the very tips of your fingers now, filled with light, illuminated by healing, life giving energy…

And it travels down too now, down through your tummy and into your hips. From your hips down and into your thighs, and your legs, and all the way down into your feet to the very tips of your toes…

The whole of your body now, your arms and your legs, all the way down from the top of your head, to the tips of your toes, filled with life giving energy. Soothing and healing, calming and relaxing you. Making you feel as comfortable as you have ever felt before…

You can use this focus on the heart centre every day, perhaps starting with just 5 minutes, and building up to 15 or 20 minutes over time as you progress and improve.

You will notice your capacity to accept and hold negative states and allowing them to soften and dissolve will deepen over time. Also to recognise and deepen positive states with the beneficial influence of love and compassion, both for oneself and for others.