Fear of Spiders

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Spider phobia

Arachnophobia is the term generally used to denote fear of spiders.

Fear of spiders is one of the more common phobias. Statistics indicate that 50% of women and more than 10% of men show some symptoms relating to this phobia.

As is usually the case with all phobias the reactions to this fear are often irrational and extreme.

People with arachnophobia may feel uneasy when they believe a spider is close by. They may be especially anxious if there are visible signs of a spiders presence such as webs. If this is the case they will often ask someone else to go ahead into a room or area to make sure there are no spiders present. If they see a spider this may trigger a panic attack. They may scream, cry, experience sweating, accelerated heart rate and difficulty breathing. Their fear may prompt an overwhelming desire to flee or they may find themselves immobilised and unable to move. I worked with one client whose reaction was so extreme that when she saw a spider in her garage she turned and immediately ran the other way, straight into a wall! She knocked both herself and her two front teeth out.

In some extreme cases even a picture or photograph may trigger a panic attack.

Why are we so afraid of spiders? (click text)

Hypnotherapy offers fast and effective relief from fear of spiders. Using techniques such as incremental desensitisation, and harnessing the power of the subconscious and imagination. This means clients seeking treatment do not have the trauma of working with real spiders!

I use hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to combat fear of spiders and in most cases only a few sessions are necessary.

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