Three Point Focus

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With a little practice you will find that you can use this short meditation anywhere to calm and centre yourself, even in a busy office or on a plane or a train.

Otherwise known as the Three Minute Focus as the name suggests this brief meditation takes little more than three minutes!


If at all possible sit quietly and alone, especially for the first few times you practise before this exercise has become a habit.

DO turn off your phone.

DO tell anyone in the house you do not want to be disturbed for a while.

DO park the kids with someone else to watch them till you are finished.

DO wear loose comfortable clothing or at least loosen ties or belts, and take off your shoes.

Make yourself comfortable in whatever position suits you best. Lotus position is great if you can do it, sitting upright in a chair is equally good. However, do maintain an ‘open’ posture with no restriction to breathing.

Take a few nice long, slow deep breaths making sure you feel your abdomen moving rather than your chest.

Maintain slow and comfortable breathing throughout.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to begin the process of relaxation.

First Minute

When you are settled allow your focus of attention to move out beyond the space you are in and pay attention to sounds and ‘sensations’ you are receiving from outside the building.

Focus your attention in this way for about a minute.

Just notice what you notice.

The exact time is not important so do not worry about it. Do not set any alarms.

Second Minute

Draw your awareness closer to the space immediately around you.

For the next minute only pay attention to sounds and sensations from the room you are sitting, or your immediate vicinity i.e. the room you are in, your house, flat or office.

Maintain this focus for about another minute.

Notice what you notice.

Third Minute

For the last minute of this exercise draw your focus of attention inwards.

Be aware of what is going on inside you.

Only pay attention to those sounds and sensations within your own body, such as:

  • The sound and feeling of your breathing.
  • A pulse or the beating of your heart.

You will probably become aware of many internal sounds or feelings that you were not conscious of prior to doing this.

Lastly, and most importantly remember you can’t get it wrong! Whatever you experience is OK as long as you follow the instructions and re-focus your attention three times. The experience may not always the same, so if you experience something different next time it is just different, not wrong..

So here are the main points again:

Sit comfortably and focus your attention

  1. Outside:
  2. Inside (the room or building you are in),
  3. inside you.

That is all there is to it!

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